About us

DNM Enterprise was incorporated in the year 1981 and the company started off in the business of assembly of electrical & electronic equipment till 1988 for several well established companies.
Meanwhile around 1984 the company released its first product – the Stereo Graphic Equaliser. This product found an immediate market as this was one of the first Graphic Equalisers built in India.

By 1988 the comnpany started manufacture of Amplifiers, Speakers and Cassette Decks(single as well as Double). Since then there has been no looking back for the company and till recently boasted of having a range of over 30 items. All the items produced by DNM Enterprise are Audio Specific and find use in Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Retail Environments, Gymnasiums, Places of Worship, Residential Buildings, Factories, Educational Institutions, Farm Houses etc.
Our companies’s Mission Statement is to provide customers with easy to use, affordable and High Performance Audio Systems.

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